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Clean. Wholesome. Fun.

MIZU was created by Shruti Dimri with a desire to move to simple and wholesome skincare. Shruti is a trained architect which means the range of products absolutely had to meet high design standards. In addition to being the healthy and nutritious TLC that each different type of skin deserves, special care is taken to develop products that appeal to the senses.

It has to look good. It has to smell great. It has to feel lovely.

The MIZU production studio works quite like a designer's den. When we aren't preparing, packaging or dispatching our best selling products, we are constantly experimenting and building on what we know. One half of this time is spent trying out new recipes, fine tuning the old ones and getting our very kind circle of human friends to test them out on them so that we continue to add powerful skincare products to our range. The other half is spent on making these successful recipes come to you as a unique and memorable experience in the form of a bespoke scent or an innovative packaging. In today's age of information explosion and product overload, we need to know exactly what goes into the food we eat and into the 'stuff' that touches our skin; and we want to keep both these essentials free of chemicals, preservatives, endocrine disruptors and mechanical-mass produced-lovelessness.

Every MIZU product is handmade in small batches. Creating a batch of soaps or scrubs is a very satisfying experience for our team, each of whom we refer to as a MIZU-elf and we are tied together by a common desire to create something unique and beautiful.




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