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Do the Scrub

Why choose sugar?

Sugar is one of the gentlest exfoliants.

  • It has small granules and are not drying to the skin.
  • They have naturally occuring glycolic acid (although in very small concentration) which acts as a very mild chemical exfoliant.
  • Sugars dissolve in water completely and drain out. This means you dont have to clean your shower area after each use.

The superfine granules of our

So what actually are dead skin cells?

The top layer of our skin has a life cycle. It performs the all important function of shielding the inner more tender layers of the skin from damage. Which means it bears the damage itself and eventually dies out. 

What remains are dry and loose 'Dead skin cells' that

are replaced by fresh new cells from under when the dead cells eventually fall off, on their own. Did you know that these super fine dead skin cells contribute to your house dust?

So they shed off on their own?

Yes they do, very efficiently till a certain age. The cell turn around time however slows down as you age and the layer of dead skin becomes 'the face of your skin' for a longer time, while sometimes also clogging your pores, or jamming your hair follicles or just not bouncing the light off like it used to, giving the skin a dull look, before it eventually sheds off on its own.

Right, so you exfoliate.

Yes but not too harsh and not too soon. 



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